Book Club: Ingredients discussion thread #2

Welcome to our second discussion thread about Ingredients: The Strange Chemistry of What We Put in Us and on Us by George Zaidan. We’ve got a few weeks of this so there’s still time to grab a copy from Indiebound.

This will be a particular exciting read as Zaidan reached out on Twitter and will be fielding questions from this book club about the book! This is a super cool thing, and we’ll run his answers in the October 10 edition of this. To ask George a question, either put the question in the comments or email them to and I’ll pick a few good ones. 

Here’s some questions to kick us off:

  • This section was all about certainty, how we came to know that cigarettes are bad, and how we came to suspect that electronic cigarettes might be bad, and how we’re less certain about what the whole deal with the sun is. Do you leave this section more or less assured about how researchers convey certainty?

  • What do you think about electronic cigarettes?

  • Did you know that Australia was, in fact, also an incredibly successful double-blind skin cancer study? If you are Australian, how did you feel about this information?

  • Have any questions for George? Reply to this email or drop it in the comments.

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