Book Club: Meritocracy wrap up and *next three books announced!*

Hey! This is the wrap up thread for The Meritocracy Trap.

I’m thrilled to announce three books cleared a straight majority of people who want to read them, so we’ll be reading the following books!

Natural Causes, by Barbara Ehrenreich. All about mankind’s futile quest to cheat death. I hear this one is actually a hoot, so I’m really excited. We’re doing this one next, partly because it’s available in paperback for just about ten bucks and should be easy to get your hands on, partly because it’s pretty standard length and I think we could use a breezier one. ($10.49, 272 pages, Amazon or Indiebound)

The Weather Machine, by Andrew Blum. How weather prediction works. Weather forecasting is a technical feat that is the product of generations of thought and research, and I think the story is really compelling. We’ll do this one after Causes, so get in your requests at the library. ($15.99, 256 pages, Amazon or Indiebound)

The Radium Girls, by Kate Moore. This came highly recommended, part science history part women’s history, all about the wartime service of a legion of women who suffered life-long consequences based on their interactions with radioactivity. I’ve wanted to pick this one up for a while. ($7.99, 496 pages, Amazon or Indiebound)

As for the other contenders, Secondhand will be in the mix next time we do a vote on the book, it did pretty well, and I want to dive into that one so while I’m not putting it on the calendar yet we’re not saying goodbye to it. Sawbones, Movies (And Other Things) and Left to Their Own Devices are great reads but didn’t secure a base, so if you like them, feel free to pick them up and read on your own.

Next week: try to get a copy of Natural Causes and just read the Introduction. If you can’t get a hold in time, don’t sweat it we’re going to dive into the book properly the following weekend anyway.

This week: what did you think about The Meritocracy Trap? Would you recommend it to a friend?