Book Club: Natural Causes Discussion thread #3

This week, chapters 9 and 10. Next week, read the rest of Natural Causes by Barbara Ehrenreich. The following week we’ll talk about the book as a whole, and in three weeks we’ll kick off The Weather Machine, so try to get your hands on a copy.

  • Chapter 9 gets into the concept of “agency,” which is a little step down from full-on consciousness and free will, and something that lots of cells and to an extent even electrons have. This was pretty heady stuff, what did you think of the chapter?

  • Chapter 10 is all about aging, and the diseases of aging, particularly inflammation and how macrophages “betray” the organisms they inhabit later in life. Ehrenreich compares the immune system to a symbiant, a shadow organism within an organism whose priorities often but not always coincide with the host. What’s your read on this?

  • We have a Gwenyth Paltrow shoutout, I repeat, we have a Goop shoutout.

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