Numlock Book Club: The Outlaw Ocean, Discussion Thread #4


For next week, let’s read chapter 12, chapter 13 and chapter 14. That’ll take us to page 379 in the book.

This past week took us to an unknown reef off the coast of Brazil, Thai fishing boats with enslaved crews, then behind the scenes of the cruise industry, which would appear to vex Urbina to his very core.

Some questions to kick it off:

  • The “magic pipe” system was so frustrating, how do you feel about cruises and how they build deniability into their very organizational structure?

  • What do you think should happen with derelict offshore drilling platforms?

  • Human trafficking on the Thai fishing fleet is an enormous issue that feels impossible to solve. I don’t really have a question here. It just sucks.

  • Where do you come down on “the solution to pollution is dilution” now?

We are steadily making our way through, next week has at least some folks working to make things better.