Secondhand: Final book club discussion thread

Hello! We have arrived at the end of Secondhand: Travels in the New Global Garage Sale By Adam Minter. What a fun read!

Here’s some conversation topics to get us started:

  • The evolution of Maytag’s advertising felt really pertinent to a lot of changes in the way we use stuff. Any other product changes — less durable, cheaper — come to mind?

  • iFixit is trying to get to the size of Home Depot. What was a thing that you’ve fixed? What was something that you thought could be fixed but you were prevented by the manufacturer from doing so?

  • How do you plan to convince other people that expiration dates are bad? Looking for some tips here.

  • As we wrap it up, what did you think of Secondhand?

We’ll be doing a new vote soon on other books to read, let me know any recommendations you have!