Secret Life of Groceries: Book Club Discussion Thread #2

We’re now reading into The Secret Life of Groceries by Benjamin Lorr.

I have some really fun news; Benjamin agreed to a Numlock Book Club Q&A, where you all can send in questions you have for him through the comments or email, I’ll send them over to him and in the wrap-up thread a few will get answers direct from Lorr himself. If you’ve got any questions, do be sure to send them in!

This week, we read up through parts 2 and 3 of the book, all about the logistics of how your food gets to you, and then about the onerous, long journey from a food to a consumer packaged good. Here’s some questions to kick us off:

  • How familiar were you with the enormous warehouses that store fruits or vegetables for months on end?

  • What surprised you most about how grocery stores stocked their shelves? Did you know about all the payments changing hands between supplier and grocer?

  • What did you think of the Slawsa journey?

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