The Radium Girls: Discussion Thread #4

We’re reading The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America's Shining Women. If you have your hands on a copy, this week we wanted to read up to the end of Chapter 28. If you haven’t been able to grab a copy, don’t worry, you can catch up later.

For next week, try to read up to the end of Chapter 35.

The trial begins! Company doctor Flinn is outed as a fraud, the women are able to finally secure their day in court, and Raymond Berry — a young attorney — takes the case and develops a clever strategy to work around the difficulties in the statute of limitations of the law, which would make it impossible for a person afflicted with radium poisoning to sue given the duration of the disease.

Seeing the ways that the companies in power sought to smear the workers and fight them tooth and nail, how did you feel about these chapters in a modern context? Many of these women were hit with colossal medical bills they could never hope to pay, does that resonate at all?