The Weather Machine: Discussion #2

This week, we read the first two chapters of part two, The Weather on Earth and Looking Down. Next week, we’ll read the last two chapters of part two, Going Around and Blasting Off.

These two chapters talked about how the way we monitor global weather was built.

  • Overall, these chapters were about the transition from looking up at weather to achieving the long-held dream of looking down. What are the equivalents in your world of this kind of technological shift?

  • We learned about Weather Station Kurt, which was a clandestine weather station installed by the Germans during World War II and remains the only known Nazi incursion into North America. In your view, why has the North Atlantic Weather War not been adapted into a hit film?

  • La Guardia Airport'’s weather system is unable to discern the difference between rain and ice without human observation. Would you say this jives with your overall experience at La Guardia Airport?

  • This talked about the intersection of geopolitics and civilian research. The same tech used in weather satellites is used in spy satellites, and typically weather has walked hand in hand with defense. The weather community worked to have a non-defense infrastructure for sharing data. What else has these kinds of issues?

I’m having a lot of fun with this book! Be sure to comment with any views you have on the book and anything cool you learned!