Numlock Book Club 2021 Schedule

Hello! Happy new year, and with a new year comes a new batch of books for the book club, as voted on by you. If you’re here for the first time, welcome, it’s a super easy book club discussion thread-based newsletter, come and join us!

The votes are in, the books selected are:

The other books are all excellent and you should definitely check them out on your own time if any struck you as interesting.

Here’s the schedule we’ll read them in! Gave us a bit of a gap in January so folks can get a hold of the books, but these four should take us just into to Summer! First up is Weird so try to grab that soon, but as long as you grab it by mid-February you should be alright.

I’ve spoken to two of these folks for Numlock Sunday interviews if you’re interested in hearing about the books more, Olga Khazan here and Ben Cohen here.

I’ll see all of you in three weeks where we dive into Weird, this is a really great slate of books and I’m so excited to dive into them.

This is also an ideal on-ramp for new folks to join into the club, so feel free to invite a friend!

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