Book Club kickoff thread: What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia 

This May we’re reading What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia by Elizabeth Catte! It’s a little shorter so we’ll actually just be doing a kickoff thread (this one!) and a wrap up thread in two weeks. It’s a great read so far though.

Here are some things to kick us off:

  • The book seems in reaction to a lot of the cultural conversation spawned by Hillbilly Elegy, a book later adapted into an Academy Award-losing feature film. What’s your view on that read?

  • How familiar were you with the history of the region, be it political or labor related or activist?

  • How do you view the broader media narrative around the region of Appalachia? Historically? In general? After 2016?

There is still plenty of time to get your hands on the book, again it’s a fairly quick read so if you were to buy it now you would not have all that much trouble finishing it with us.