Book Club: The Hot Hand Kickoff Thread

Welcome back! This week we’re kicking off the start of summer talking about The Hot Hand: The Mystery and Science of Streaks by Ben Cohen. Right now we’re up to the first two chapters, and in 2 weeks we’ll reconvene and discuss chapters 3-5. We’ll be doing a vote on the next books soon, email me suggestions you’ve got.

Some things to kick us off:

  • When’s a time you felt like you had a streak going? What’s your hot hand story?

  • The first chapter talks about the science of streaks in the context of basketball, and how they can have real psychological effects on the person on a hot run. Have you ever seen someone get hot?

  • Did you expect to learn an incredible amount of cool detail about Shakespeare? Have you ever read three Shakespeare plays in the course of two months, let alone wrote three?

  • Any expectations for the book?

Drop a comment below, see you in two weeks.