Book Club: The Meritocracy Trap #4

Welcome back!

Next week, we’ll have a big end-all-be-all discussion about the book, so all you really need to do for next week is read the conclusion and think about where you’re at!

This book wrapped faster than I expected — lots of footnotes in it, sneaky — so tomorrow, you’re going to get an email inviting you to vote on the next books! This is going to have more options than usual — I think seven or eight possible books — and that’ll help me figure out a schedule basically for the next four or five months to make it easier to plan around.

This week’s discussion is about the section The New Aristocracy.

  • In the first chapter, he talks about how the rich became fundamentally different than the rest, from mortality to family to where they live on the map. Does this coincide with your experience?

  • In the next chapter, he talks about how the new economy is composed of “in effect extractive industries, with the twist that they extract income not from natural wealth but rather from the human capital of the superordinate workers.” Do you buy that?

  • The third hammers home the idea that meritocracy inherently leads to inherited caste. What do you think?

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