Book Club: The Weather Machine kickoff thread!

Welcome to the new book!

I’m really excited for this one, it’s really promising and I’m delighted to read more about it, it’s The Weather Machine by Andrew Blum. Though Amazon is being funky, your local book store, Barnes & Nobel, or ebooks/audiobooks are still delivering, so do try and grab a copy.

This week, we read the preface, which detailed how Hurricane Sandy motivated Blum to learn more about where weather comes from. Next week, we’re going to read Part One, which encompasses chapters one and two. There’s still time to get your hands on the book, so don’t fret.


Some questions to kick us off:

  • Weather forecasts are better than ever. What role has weather played in your life? Has a forecast ever helped you prepare?

  • Today, the six-day weather forecast is more accurate than the two-day was in the 1970s. Did you notice the shift? When?

  • How does weather affect you, or your job?

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