Weird: Book Club Discussion Thread #1

Welcome back! This week, we kick off Weird: The Power of Being an Outsider in an Insider World by Olga Khazan.

The plan this week was to read chapters one through three. Quick programming note, I’ve actually made a book club calendar you can just add to iCal or Google Calendar if it makes it easier to keep track of dates.

Some questions to talk over in the comments:

  • Chapter two is about “The realization.” What’s a moment you realized you were different?

  • Have you ever felt excluded for being different? Did any of the people in the book stand out to you as someone you recognized?

  • Khazan writes about how weirdness has “developed its more positive, quirky meaning in these past decades.” What is a weird place you enjoy? What is a weird place you would like to remain weird?

  • Any hopes or expectations for the book?

Comment below, or just come back later and read them, we’ll be back Feb. 6. after reading chapters 4 to 9!