Numlock Book Club: The Library Book wrap up and new book announcement!


This is the wrap-up thread for The Library Book! I think it went really well for a first book, it shattered my high expectations and I’m thrilled it worked out. Comment below with your thoughts!

As for the next book:

  • The vote was really, really close. Like by one vote.

  • I also got feedback from people who wanted a little more notice as to when the book was announced so they can reserve it from their own library.

To neatly solve these two issues, the next book we read will be Ian Urbina’s The Outlaw Ocean, and the following book after that will be The Meritocracy Trap!

Given the length of Ocean I bet we start Meritocracy sometime around Christmas, for planning purposes.

So for next week, try to get your hands on a copy of The Outlaw Ocean and read the first chapter, you can get it at your local library, indie bookstore or Amazon. If it takes you a little longer to score a copy, that’s no trouble, it’s somewhat longer than The Library Book so you’ll have more time and can always hop in on older threads. When you buy through a link here we get a percentage of the sale.

Forward this email to any folks you think might be game to sign up and join!

So, any final thoughts on Orlean’s paean to the library? What stuck with you? What were your expectations, and was the outcome any different? How’s it going? Comment below!