Numlock Book Club: The Library Book Discussion Thread #1

Next week, read through the end of chapter 10, which in the hardcover is page 112. We’re just two chapters in so there’s still time to buy The Library Book and join in too!

This week, here’s a few ideas to kick off the discussion!

  • What are your first impressions of the book?

  • Do any library rituals provoke memories for you too?

  • I was surprised to learn that reason that we’ve maybe never heard of the L.A. fire is that the very same day, Chernobyl exploded. How do you feel that reflects on the media?

  • Has an important news event in Ukraine ever overshadowed another important story you wish got more attention?

  • What did you think of the description of the events of the fire? Were you also on the edge of your seat?

Comment below, be nice, strike up conversations and don’t hesitate to invite new friends to join up and subscribe! We got a great conversation going last week so if you’re new don’t hesitate to jump right in!