Numlock Book Club: The Outlaw Ocean, Discussion Thread #6

We’ve finished!

Here’s the plan. Next week (12/21), we’ll have a big last-thoughts, and overall discussion thread and talk about expectations. The following week (12/28) we’ll be off because it’s sandwiched between Christmas and New Years and nobody does anything that week. The following Saturday (1/4) will be the first discussion thread for The Meritocracy Trap, which you should grab from an independent book store or Amazon soon.

Now, the last bit of The Outlaw Ocean! We’ve finished as we started, on a Sea Shepard hunt. This one was an unsuccessful pursuit of whalers, but this whole chapter was about whaling and how it’s changed over time.

The Japanese hunted the whales, while Sea Shepard hunted the Japanese. The whales stole the toothfishermen’s meals, while the vacuum boats stole food from the whales.

What do you think about this part about whalers, and the “floating slaughterhouse” of the Nisshin Maru?

And now that we’ve reached the end, what did you make of Urbina’s suggestions on what to do to fix the problems illustrated in the book?