Numlock Book Club: The Outlaw Ocean discussion thread #3

Welcome back!

Three wild chapters this week, one on the stowaways and those who are held captive on ships, one on the piracy-lite of ship repossession, and one on the middlemen who provide the human labor for the dangerous work on the seas.

Next week, read the next three chapters, up to page 292, or the end of Chapter 11. There’s still plenty of time to get your hands on the book, and we’re only about halfway done.

What do you make of the book so far? Has your perspective on stowaways changed? What did you think of all the various maritime scams, from “Unexpected Complications” to “Cappuccino Bunker” to, you know, just stealing a boat? Will we ever find a story about a sea laborer that is not, in the end, a bummer? Who can say!

Have a great Thanksgiving!