Secondhand: Book Club Discussion Thread #1

We’re reading Secondhand: Travels in the New Global Garage Sale By Adam Minter, 320ppavailable at Indiebound or wherever you get books. This week, the goal was to make some headway into the book and get in four chapters

Here’s some conversation topics to get us started:

  • Some stuff that we buy become heirlooms, while most of it goes to a landfill or secondhand. 90% of garage space is used to share “stuff” and not cars. Have you had any intersection with the secondhand industry, whether personally or through a family member?

  • Have you ever done a Marie Kondo-style purge of stuff? How’d it go? What happened to all your stuff that gets Konmari’d?

  • What’s the best thing you ever got secondhand?

See you in two weeks, there’s still lots of time to get ahold of the book. Also, we’ll be doing a new vote soon on other books to read, let me know any recommendations you have! See you in two uneventful weeks.

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