Secret Life of Groceries: Book Club Discussion Thread #3

We’re now reading into The Secret Life of Groceries by Benjamin Lorr. Remember that Benjamin has agreed to answer questions that you all send in, so be sure to email them or comment some!

This week, we read parts 4 and 5 of the book, about “health” food and about how a supermarket looks from the back, and what the meat system does at that. Here are some questions for you:

  • How do you feel about the book’s take on heath food? Or Joe’s?

  • Looking at all the people at work in this book so far, how do you feel about the labor in the food industry? Is it too extractive?

  • How do you “buy into meaning”?

Be sure to comment below! In two weeks we’re wrapping up the book, and in four we’re talking about What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia, so try to grab a copy. Send in questions and comments below!

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