The Address Book: Final Discussion Thread

Welcome back! This week, we’re finishing The Address Book by Dierdre Mask, a book that dives into the origins and creation of street addresses and what they say about the world they represent.

When we next meet it’ll be talking about Ingredients: The Strange Chemistry of What We Put in Us and on Us By George Zaidan, 320ppavailable at Indiebound or wherever you get books. That one should be particularly cool, as Zaidan reached out and will be interacting in a way to be determined.

I really enjoyed this The Address Book, and it felt only more relevant as we kept reading. Here’s a few topics to kick us off:

  • These chapters really got into the dynamics of history, race and street names, from Nazi use of street names for propaganda purposes to naming streets after confederate heroes. the chapter went into the Chris Rock bit about streets named after Martin Luther King Jr. and the realities therein. What did you come away from these chapters with?

  • The chapter in South Africa — about the battle over named streets after those involved with Apartheid — was incredibly striking and relevant. Mandela opposed renaming streets named after Afrikaners, even those who had been essential in the orchestration of apartheid. Do you agree with his logic? Do you think that fight resembles any others?

  • The book concludes on the notion of giving an address to the whole world, from the advocates striving to give people without homes an address to the young techies working on what3words for solutions to an incredibly lucrative ecommerce problem. Coming away from the book, how have your views on street addresses changed?

It’s great to see how the new format has helped more folks participate in discussion threads, feel free to chat about these topics and anything from the book at all in the space below.

If you’re still finishing, feel free to comment whenever, this is the internet, discussions live forever.