The Weather Machine: Discussion #4

This week, we read the first two chapters of part 4, The Mountaintop and The Euro. Next week, we’re finishing the book, read The App, The Good Forecast, and The Weather Diplomats. The following week we’ll do a wrap up of the whole book, and then we’re gonna start Radium Girls, so try to get your hands on that!

This week: weather models!

These chapters were all about the nitty gritty of how we predict the future and what, precisely, is a weather model. They’re more than just algorithms, and sort of resemble a behemoth that pulls in information and gradually improves upon the information.

The Euro is the most improved, has been climbing for two decades and now has no sign of stopping. By 2025, they hope to be able to predict high impact events fully two weeks ahead, they’re adding 90 new instruments a year, which is akin to “changing the tires on an eighteen-wheeler without pulling over.”

What did you think of these chapters? Were you impressed?