The Weather Machine: Discussion #5

This week, we finished the book, reading The App, The Good Forecast, and The Weather Diplomats.

Next week we’ll do a wrap up of the whole book, and then we’re gonna start Radium Girls, so try to get your hands on that one. We’re also going to vote again soon on the next batch so email me reccomendations if you’ve got them!

This week, the “weather machine” revealed itself to be not a proper machine but globe-spanning infrastructure.

  • The internet revolutionized how weather data is spread, with one group — The Weather Company — providing weather to all sorts of places. Did you know how centralized this was?

  • Most important forecasts and data are from slim group of countries with models and satellites to make them. This has people worried about the current situation moving forward, and how sustainable it is.

  • What’s your read on weather as one of the most successful diplomatic topics of the past century?

Loved these chapters and thrilled with how the book came together, leave your thoughts below!