Weird: Book Club Discussion Thread #2

Welcome back! This week, we continue with Weird: The Power of Being an Outsider in an Insider World by Olga Khazan.

By now, you should be up to or coming up on the end of Chapter nine.

Some questions to talk over in the comments:

  • Much of this section is about “The Weird Advantage.” What’s a time where you benefited from being different from your co-workers, friends or family?

  • Can you think of a time that someone’s different perspective in your life helped you or a group make a better decision? Or come up with a more interesting idea?

  • Chapters 7, 8 and 9 are about some of the ways that people handle being “weird.” What stood out here to you?

Comment below, or just come back later and read them, we’ll be back on the 20th to talk about the end of the book. Remember, you can now add a book club calendar to your iCal or Google Calendar if it makes it easier to keep track of dates.