Numlock Book Club: Next Books & Discussion Thread

We have reached the end of The Radium Girls! Now that you’ve had time to sit on it, what did you make of the book? Any final thoughts?

Now, drumroll please: the next books are:

  • The Address Book: What Street Addresses Reveal About Identity, Race, Wealth, and Power By Deirdre Mask, 336ppavailable at Indiebound

  • Secondhand: Travels in the New Global Garage Sale By Adam Minter, 320ppavailable at Indiebound

  • Ingredients: The Strange Chemistry of What We Put in Us and on Us By George Zaidan, 320ppavailable at Indiebound

The other books didn’t manage to secure a majority of the vote, but are still great and I plan on picking them up on my own time.

I’m tweaking the format a bit for the next three based on feedback and my own experience, and instead of a weekly discussion we’re going to shift to every other week with bigger chunks of the books. I hope this makes it easier to participate in discussion threads — feedback has often fallen along the lines of “loved reading along, didn’t manage to read in time to chat,” — so I hope laying out a full plan ahead of time makes this a little easier on you.

Either way, whether you’re reading along on your own, actively participating or just pulling good recommendations, I’m thrilled folks are enjoying themselves.

Talk about The Radium Girls or the books to come below! See you folks in two weeks on August 1 when we will discuss the beginning of The Address Book.