Numlock Book Club: The Library Book Discussion Thread #2


Next week, read through the end of chapter 20, which will take us through page 220 for those with a physical copy.

Great discussion last time, I was thrilled to see so many folks pop in over the course of the week. There’s still time to hop in, and I know the paperback version of The Library Book is now out if you’ve been waiting up for that.

Here’s some discussion points to kick us off this week:

  • What do you make of the city coming together to respond to the fire at the library?

  • Have you got any initial impressions of Harry Peak, the man accused of setting the fire?

  • In this section Orlean goes into why books and libraries are burned, from personal experience to historical. “Destroying a culture’s books is sentencing it to something worse than death: It is sentencing it to seem as it if never lived.” Did that also stick with you?

  • John Szabo runs the L.A. library, and naturally he’s an unfailingly wonderful person. Now that you know what a Chief Librarian does, were you like me and did you realize you do not, fundamentally, understand what a library even is anymore?

  • John Leonard Orr was the L.A. arson expert and arson novelist who, shocker, was also an arsonist. On a scale of 10 to 10, how wild is that?

Comment below, be nice, strike up conversations and don’t hesitate to invite new friends to join up and subscribe! We got a great conversation going last week so if you’re new don’t hesitate to jump right in!