Numlock Book Club: The Library Book Discussion Thread #3

Hey! Nice and quick one this week, as this section of the book mainly covered this history of the library in what was effectively a Parks and Rec show bible excerpt.

As for next week: try to finish the book, or if you’re a bit behind try to catch up. Next week I’ll roll out our vote for the next book, and then the following week we’ll have a full discussion of the book with everyone all caught up!

If you’re behind, definitely feel free to comment on the older posts relevant to your ideas! That’s one of the fun parts of this discussion format:

Discussion thread 1: Chap. 1-2

Discussion thread 2: Chap. 2-10

So having read this section, what was most interesting to you about the history of the library? Whose reign was most compelling for you? What did you make of The Library Wars?

We’re getting great conversations in these comments, even it it takes a little bit to get rolling, so hop in whenever!