Numlock Book Club: The Library Book Discussion Thread #4

This is it! The last section. If you spent the past week catching up, feel free to hop back into the first three (1, 2, 3) discussion threads.

Next week, we’ll have a big discussion thread to go over the entire book. Tomorrow, I’ll send out a link to vote on the next book!

Last week was a lot about the historical reigns of the librarians, this past week more about the contemporary issues, the recovery from the fire, and Harry Peak.

  • Do you think Harry did it?

  • The Los Angles Library has an immense library of orchestral scores, and also as a city has more musicians than any other city on earth. Would you consider this a coincidence?

  • Arson has a 1% conviction rate, and the techniques of the field are rapidly evolving. How do you feel about this information?

  • “There are so many things in a library, so many books and so much stuff, that I sometimes wondered if any single person could possibly know what all of it is. I preferred thinking that no one does — I liked the idea that the library is more expansive and grand than one single mind, and that it requires many people together to form a complete index of its bounty.” Thoughts?

I’ve loved the conversation in the comments — if you haven’t, jump in this week or a previous week — and look forward to next week, when we have our final discussion for this book and announce the next one. Expect an email to vote in your inbox tomorrow, and this is a great time to encourage a friend to subscribe.

Photo Credit: Matthew Field